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  • Founder & CEO

    Cameron Yadidi
    Cameron Yadidi, a Personal Injury Lawyer, is the founder of Los Angeles Children Charity Group. With over 19 years of experience in successful practice of law, he is committed to lead this precious organization to its maximum potential in support of Orphan and Neglected Children all over the world. He has contributed his leadership, management skills, and resources to create this Non-profit organization as a result of his love for children of the world. The idea of getting involve to help local orphan kids was born from his daughter.. Cameron is dedicated to growth and development of his vision with the support of the entire community behind him. Mr. Yadidi has personally accumulated a wealth of knowledge and expertise on a vast array of legal issues and now is committed to re-organized the broken foster family care in California and change the current policies that are not in favor of these less fortunate children, thus making a better future for them. He often appears on the radio and television to provide his opinion and share his insights on the law and related community issues.

  • Co-Founders & Leadership

    Mike Khosrow Mirahmadi
    I am Mike Khosrow Mirahmadi, M.D. a Board Certified Internist/Nephrologist. I am practicing in Beverly Hills, CA. I am clinical Professor of Medicine at UCLA and teaching at Ceder Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles.
    I am proud to be one of the co-founders of LACCG and current V.P. My vision for LACCG is to have a big organization with 99 Board of Trustee Members, raise lots of fund and help the orphans and needy children, and eventually buy a center for children in Los Angeles. We can do it with your help and God’s blessing.

  • Board of Directors

    Mr. Behzad Ataie
    I am a simple man with a vision of helping others as my purpose in life. I came to United States in 1998 and been involved with numerous professions in my career. As a real estate developer in Los Angeles, I’ve helped many create their ideal homes. As a specialist designer for kitchen, bath, and flooring with 13 years of experience, I use my creativity to manifest the most desirable outcomes for my costumers. I am a NKBA certified designer and founder/CEO of KBF design since 2006 Being part of LACCG gives me nourishment of the soul and working with these kids brings absolute bliss in my life. I am grateful for a beautiful wife, a peaceful life, and my enthusiasm to change kid’s lives for the better.
    Mrs. Danyella Beroukhim
    I am a wife of 22 yrs, a mother of three wonderful children, and I work at Partners Trust as a residential Real Estate Broker. I have been truly Blessed with all of the above with total gratitude. Being part of LACCG is a task I take to heart just so I can give back a drop of what I have in my life. It has been a pleasure to be part of this amazing organization.
    Mrs. Nooshin Natanzadeh
    It’s my honor to be part of LACCG to guide and inspire the neglected, abused, and lesser fortunate kids. To assure them that no matter what path they are in right now, there is always hope and people who love them unconditionally. My intention is to spread the wisdom that we ALL come from the same SOURCE and we are ALL ONE. This inspiration comes from my beloved daughter, Elena Natanzadeh, whom I was blessed with on 11/1/1995 , and made her transition on 9/9/2011. She is now our angel looking over us, forever present in our hearts and souls.
    Dr. Rod Pezeshki
    Dr. Rod lives by these set intentions which are : To love, to heal, to inspire, and to be abundant for himself and others in order to raise the collective cosmic consciousness. He has a Medical degree from New York Medical College. He is an author of “The Loving Light Within”- Awakening to your inner Truth. As a transformational life coach and spiritual healer, Dr. Rod utilizes his knowledge of Western medicine and his practice of Eastern philosophy; combining the best of the two worlds in order to enhance the well being of every soul he has an honor serving. He is an expert in Guided Chakra Healing, Spiritual, and JAPA meditation. He utilizes innovative techniques of his own to balance the mind/body/and the spirit with positive energy. Dr. Rod is also the CEO of Ariel Kasheri 2012 Fund Raising Campaigns. Please feel free to visit his website www.DrRod26.com and add him on facebook to get updates on his daily spiritual writings.
    Mr. Peter Pourmehr
    I am a family man who loves to be in service to others with outmost humility. I immigrated to United States in 1970 and started my education in Chicago to become Mechanic Engineer. As life progressed, I became a licensed Insurance agent in 1982 and currently am owner of two insurance brokerage offices in Southern California. Ever since I remember, I’ve been involved in serving charity groups such as MAHAK, KIDS WITH CANCER (Tehran, Iran), KAHRIZAK SOCIETY, DISABLED KIDS and ADULTS, (Tehran, Iran), ROSHANDELAN SOCIETY, BLIND KIDS (Tehran, Iran), TABATABAIE SOCIETY, and ORPHANS KIDS (Tehran, Iran). As a husband, father, and grandfather, it is my joy with immense pleasure to serve LACCG. My vision is to meet every orphan kid with a gentle smile and connect with them as a father figure. Unity, compassion, and peace are three of my virtues that I proudly live my life as.
    Mrs. Elena Kashanchi
    I am a mother of two wonderful teenage sons, and a Marketing Director. My passion is to help others fulfill their dreams. It gives me great pleasure to be a part of this dedicated group. Our organization consists of very caring individuals who strive to provide neglected children with a brighter future. I am grateful for this experience.
  • Advisory Council

    Mrs. Leeora Moradi ( Head of the advisory board)

    Ms. Jessica Bergkvist
    Dr. Faramarz Davidi, MD
    Mrs. Eliza Faridnia
    Ms. Bita Ghatan
    Mrs. Mitra Gouel
    Ms. Parisa Leviadin
    Mrs. Elana Malekan
    Mrs. Fereshteh Morim
    Ms. Sahar Verdi
    Mrs. Bita Yadidi
    Ms. Mojgan Yousefi
    Mr. Keyvan Zivari
  • Treasurer

    Mr. Farid Morim
  • Art Director & Developer

    Pedram Doustkam

    Pedram Doustkam, President and CEO of Global Creative Studios, has much enthusiasm and energy for life and strives to add a touch of creativity in whatever form he can. Years of experience in Marketing, Consulting, and Business Development have given Doustkam the skills and knowledge of how to complete any project he is handed, regardless of complexity or size. LACCG’s mission touched Doustkam, who feels honored to serve as a creative leader of the organization. “When I was approached by LACCG and made aware of their goal to provide for, mentor, and show compassion and love to less fortunate children, I knew I wanted to get involved. I look forward to helping make a difference in these children’s lives.”

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About Us

Los Angeles Children’s Charity Group (LACCG) is a non-profit organization created by a group of volunteers in 2012.

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