Oftentimes, when children are removed from their homes and placed into foster care, they arrive with only the clothes on their backs. Because California’s foster family care system lacks sufficient resources, these children often live without fundamental items, such as shoes, jackets, and toiletries.


LACCG’s Care Packages are an opportunity for individuals and families to provide specific items to orphaned and neglected children who lack these bare necessities.


By purchasing a Care Package, you are giving a child clothing and supplies that they may call their own.


LACCG’s mission is to serve the needs of these less fortunate children, and our Care Packages allow us to do this.


A Care Package is a demonstration of care, compassion, and love to those who receive it, and is a way for us to bring joy to these children.


It is our mission to put a Care Package into the hands of every orphaned child in Los Angeles.















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About Us

Los Angeles Children’s Charity Group (LACCG) is a non-profit organization created by a group of volunteers in 2012.

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