Mission Statement

Los Angeles Children’s Charity Group (LACCG) is a non-profit organization created by a group of volunteers in 2012 with an intent to serve the basic needs of orphan, neglected, and abused children in California. These children are less fortunate individuals in need of unconditional love, basic livelihood, and compassion. In 2012 and 2013, LACCG visited five different Group Homes and provided basic daily necessities for more than 350 children residing at the homes. Through a group of dedicated volunteers, LACCG continues to assist and provide for these children to change the quality of these precious children’s lives for the better.

Many of these children have lost their parent(s) through an unfortunate death, incarceration, or abuse and, thus, have become children of the State of California. They are usually placed in an orphanage or group home and, ultimately, into the California foster family care system. LACCG strongly believes that the foster family care system in California lacks sufficient resources, management, and quality of care. LACCG’s members have observed firsthand how many of these children are sent from one foster family to another and have witnessed the toll this process takes on the children both emotionally and physically. Many of these children lack basic necessities, such as warm blankets to sleep with during cold nights. These children are just treated and traded as commodity between foster family services and group homes, and they have become victims of big business in California.

Los Angeles Children’s Charity Group’s Mission is as follows:

1. To provide basic needs for orphan, neglected and abused children in California;
2. To provide unconditional love, basic livelihood, and compassion through a group of dedicated volunteers in order to meet their needs;
3. To change the quality of orphan, neglected, and abused children’s lives for the better;
4. Mentorship program;
5. Big Brother program;
6. Petition to change or modify the foster family care laws in California so that qualified children will have a better standard of living and care;
7. Petition to relax adoption laws in California to qualified individuals;
8. Independent Psychological evaluation of children in group homes to assure accuracy of reporting to court systems.

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About Us

Los Angeles Children’s Charity Group (LACCG) is a non-profit organization created by a group of volunteers in 2012.

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